Catomance, located in Nottingham UK, make a range of preservation and beamhouse products for tanners throughout the world. Known for their Mystolene aluminium based tanning system, Mystozyme range of enzyme soaking, unhairing and bating (acid and alkali) products as well as the Mystox line of biocides and fungicides, Catomance are well known and widely used by tanners in Turkey, New Zealand and throughout the EU.

Following the rebranding of the business, which was acquired by Murphy & Son in May 2011, Catomance are looking for new agents and representatives in Asia, particularly China and Latin America with a focus on Brazil and Argentina.

The rebranding incorporates and new company logo and image as well as a new website which highlights the technical support that the company offer their customers.

They have recently relocated and upgraded their accredited laboratory facilities and offer tanners a range testing services such as mould, microbe, TCMTB and chemical testing.

Please contact Derek watts, for further information.