Rick Muskat, Principal of Deer Stags Concepts, has been selected to serve as the Chairman of FDRA. Muskat has served in various leadership positions with FDRA for several years and his elevation from FDRA Vice Chairman was unanimous. 

Ed Rosenfeld, CEO of Steve Madden, will now serve as FDRA’s Vice Chairman and Mike Jeppesen, President of Global Operations at Wolverine Worldwide, was voted in as FDRA’s Treasurer. FDRA’s most recent past chairman Greg Tunney, President, CEO and a member of the board of directors at the RG Barry Corporation, will also serve as an Ex-Officio member of the FDRA Executive Committee.

“We are delivering fantastic sourcing, compliance and product development data, analysis and support to our members and we will focus on continuing to build them up. We are also very close to eliminating duties on footwear from Vietnam through TPP and we will keep that momentum strong in DC by engaging policymakers in more innovative and aggressive advocacy campaigns”, said new FDRA Chairman Rick Muskat.