A number of technical and commercial staff will be available for customers as well as Italian gastronomy. Gruppo Biokimica highlights following new products and ranges:

E-FIN series: A new range of finishing chemicals.

This product range has been developed to reduce production and warehouse costs for tanners while obtaining fashionable articles. The line includes waxes and caseins and pre-grounds and oils and polymers and polyurethanes.

Sulphate free chemicals.

A range of products completely free of sulphates is offered by the company including the following ranges.

  • Nagosint – deliming agents
  • Nagotan – retanning agents
  • Nagoplen – resins
  • BK Oil – fatliquors

Biotan DDS: new approach to reduce chrome.

Biotan DDS is a cationic replacement syntan based on Di-Hydroxy Di-Phenyl Sulphone (DHDPS). It is an ideal product for lightfast and heat resistant leathers. Used as a single pretanning agent for wet-white leathers it provides improved shaving properties to the leather.

Ecotan: an alternative tanning agent

Public opinion against chrome tannage and its environmental impact by tanneries pushes our industry to develop new products and systems to work towards zero environmental impact and zero discharge. Gruppo Biokimica is developing an alternative tanning system to chrome tannage. The challenge is to have a leather with the same characteristics as chrome tanned leather. Ecotan is being developed to provide an alternative to chrome. Development is on-going following encouraging test results.

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