“Navigating these times of turmoil” is a 20-minute episode featuring three texts by Dr Mike Redwood, taken from the Redwood Column of the ILM website. The first episode, “A staffing opportunity”, discusses how 85% of jobs that we will be doing in 2030 have not been invented yet and how the leather industry needs a very wide range of employees covering scientists, engineers and artists to develop the leather craftworkers of the future. The second episode, “Single use plastics become an unsung hero”, looks at how the leather sector needs to be careful about the balance of its antagonism to the marketing of competitive materials, while the third and final episode, “Where are we going”, discusses how there is a growing determination to get a post-Covid-19 world back to work but supply chains could get shorter for security, transparency, environmental and customer service reasons, and result in multiple chains established to serve different regions of the world.

Each episode of ILM’s podcast series is designed to appeal to all parts of the leather supply chain, including tanners, traders, suppliers, academia and research organisations, OEMs, brands and retailers. To download or listen to the free-of-charge podcasts, please click here.