In the latest ILM podcast episode titled; ‘Automotive leather and finishing technology in the spotlight’, Karl Flowers, Technical Director of sustainable leather consultancy Authenticae, industry analyst and Consultant Technical Editor to ILM, covers two topics: biodegradable automotive finishes and high-performance splits.

In ‘Biodegradable automotive finishes’ Flowers examines what finishing chemistry is currently available and looks ahead at what this can look like in the future, while in ‘High performance splits’ he discusses how to reduce costs in the automotive or furniture upholstery segments, trim manufacturers are often inclined to use coated or finished splits in the panels that are partially or fully hidden.

Both narrated articles were written by Karl Flowers and were originally published in the May/June 2020 print/digital app edition of ILM. Download the ILM podcast series on to your smartphone or tablet device to receive regular podcasts on a range of leather industry related topics from ILM. ILM is the market leading multi-platform media brand serving the global leather supply chain.