Cuir Invest seeks to offer financial support to visionary entrepreneurs and boost the growth of labels or companies with strong potential. The Fund will invest an initial ticket of between €100,000 and €500,000 in companies that have found their market and proven their concept, and plans to build a portfolio of around a dozen participants. The areas of interest for Cuir Invest include materials/product innovations (alternative, technical and smart materials, traceability issues, recycling and upcycling); distribution/client experience platforms (marketplaces, e-commerce, platforms, social media, pop-ups, crowdfunding and co-creation, augmented reality, virtual reality); production/processes/value chain 3D (modelling, prototype development and printing, automation, robotics, “blockchain” type solutions, logistic optimisation solutions, storage and shipping); labels / DNVB (Digital Native Vertical Brands) in the footwear and leather goods sectors.

“The global leather industry is currently undergoing large-scale and rapid change. Many SMEs in the French leather sector have the potential for developing very promising technology. It is these companies that, in the future, will maintain France in its position as the fourth largest exporter in the world. For these companies, the question of financing is crucial”, said Frank Boehly, CEO, SIC SA. “Cuir Invest, the first investment fund for the leather sector, will support this dynamic, strengthening the financial balance and the sustainability of these fledgling companies.”

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