A Hong Kong based company, PHL was established in 1979 and through their long standing relationships with leather suppliers around the world, has become one of Asia’s most prominent hide and leather trading companies. The company’s management operation centre is in Hong Kong with international logistics and warehousing facilities located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Zhongshan. Additionally, In Guangzhou’s Free Trade Zone, PHL has established an international and standardised leather trading platform and a logistical distribution centre for Asia.

PHL team in Hong Kong/China is 50 staff strong and professionally trained to handle hide and leather. PHL plans to open additional offices in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hebei and Jiangsu provinces to serve regional agents and other independent companies.

Founder, Andy Wong has a notable reputation in the international leather industry and also maintains close relationships with key leather production enterprises in China.

National Beef has just completed a four and a-half year renovation and retrofit of their 154,000 square foot wet blue tanning facility in St Joseph, Missouri. This new facility has a capacity to process over 60,000 wet-blue hides per week. System-wide automation and new state-of-the-art equipment additions has substantially improved the efficiency of production and product consistency.

“Now that we have completed our world class wet-blue tannery, we are excited to partner with another strong sales agent to help us introduce our wet-blue to new tanners throughout China,” says Robert Hein, Senior Vice President at National Beef Leather.

“As China continues to move away from beamhouse conversion of raw hides, we will provide not only a premium, selected, wet-blue leather, but also an unprecedented amount of marketing support for these tanners.” Continued Hein, “This appointment further demonstrates National Beef’s unwavering commitment to the leather industry.”