Pellvit LSG has proven to be highly effective for the soaking of greasy hides, preparing them for proper unhairing, with excellent consistency.

This ecological, salt-free product improves the accessibility of sulphide to the hair root in such a way that a low sulphide unhairing process can be applied without hair-root and fine-hair problems.

Pellvit LSG allows a substantial reduction of surfactant use in the beamhouse process whilst providing consistently low fat numbers. At the same time, it is extremely beneficial for high cutting yields, as it does not have a negative impact on the integrity of bellies and flanks.

The ideal partner for Pellvit LSG is Erhavit LSU, a novel enzymatic liming agent, which supports the unhairing effect of sulphide. The product weakens the epidermis and the pre-keratin of the hair-root selectively which supports the removal of fine-hair and hair-roots.

For further information contact; Jan-Tiest Pelckmans,