The “Real Leather. Stay Different.” campaign was launched on September 20. “When our ancestors sought durable, practical and natural material to survive, it’s no surprise they turned to leather”, said Stephen Sothmann, President of the U.S. Hide, Skin and Leather Association (USHSLA), which is coordinating the initiative. “But leather is as modern as it is versatile. Real Leather. Stay Different. elevates this rich history and lays the groundwork for ongoing, global conversations with brands, retailers and consumers about leather’s inimitable attributes.” 

The new website seeks to share leather’s story through engaging blogposts, images and compelling content. Also, posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram recount the “iconic history of leather in popular culture”, while maintaining a pulse on current trends in leather’s use in fashion, furniture, sports, film, music and everyday life. “There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to leather consumption, and week after week, Real Leather. Stay Different. will highlight the novel ways designers, companies and individuals incorporate, embrace and celebrate real leather”, added Sothmann.

In addition, the campaign launched a WeChat account to actively engage Chinese consumers. According to the USHSLA, the campaign has already attracted an enthusiastic following in China, particularly after its soft launch at the inaugural Forever Leather Fashion Show, held in conjunction with the All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE), in Shanghai.

To access the website of the campaign, please click here.