New image for Cuir A Paris

Published:  18 September, 2013

"Cuir A Paris" is the new brand name and image launched at the latest edition of the leather and fur trade show which is taking place September 17-19 at the Villepinte Nord exhibition grounds in Paris alongside the Premiere Vision and Modamont trade shows.

This years fair is 23% larger by area than last year and was visited on September 17 by French Minister of Industry, Arnaud Montebourg who spent more than two and a half hours at the show visiting French tanners and the stand of French footwear and leather technical institute, CTC.

The current edition of Cuir A Paris features 449 exhibitors (46 new exhibitors) which is up 8.5% compared with the same edition last year. The show has moved to the larger hall 3 to cope with additional exhibition space which includes for the first time leather chemical exhibitors, Stahl as well as a number of Italian chemical producers such as Kemia Tau and Alpa in the newly created Incube area of the show. "Although the show has grown 23% we only have 8.5% more exhibitors", explains Marc Brunel, Cuir A Paris Show Manager. "This is because our existing exhibitors have asked us for more space. In fact we now have a waiting list", he added.

Italian companies make up 52% of exhibitors followed by France (16%) and Spain (10%). There are also exhibitors from 14 other EU nations and 8 non-EU countries including Brazil and Pakistan.

Cuir A Paris is 23% larger this year

Approximately 60% of exhibitors are finished leather makers and they are highlighting fashion colours and trends for the Autumn/Winter 2014/15 season.

"We decided to go for a new look and image to reflect 'Cuir A Paris' as a major international fair dedicated for luxury", says Brunel. "We have improved our new media and social capabilities to reach out to visitors in the luxury sector and create a Cuir A Paris community. In the past two years we have also seen a resurrgence in the leather markets and manufacturing of France and Italy in particular thanks to the growth in the luxury leather sector", he added. 

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