Chang Shin to expand with Nike orders

Published:  19 September, 2013

Chang Shin Vietnam Co. Ltd, which manufactures Nike shoes for export, has announced it will expand its Long Thanh district factory in Dong Nai province to cash in on bulk orders next year.

Chang Shin Vietnam General Director Woo Bang said the US$12 million expansion project is expected to generate an additional 1,800 jobs for local people.

He noted that in defiance of the global economy’s sluggish recovery, Nike Group still persisted with transferring its Indonesian and Chinese export production orders to Vietnam.

Chang Shin Vietnam expects its orders to rise 40% in 2014 and continue to climb over the following years.

The company has expanded its production scale eight-fold since its establishment 18 years ago.

Its factories currently employ more than 20,000 workers.

Despite 2013’s challenges, the company still believes it will successfully export 20 million pairs of shoes, earning estimated revenue of around US$340 million.

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