CICB concerned about future exports to EU

Published:  11 November, 2013

Brazilian hide and skin exports in October reached a total of US$235 million according to preliminary data from the Brazilian Department of Foreign Trade – Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC). It represents a historical record for Brazil considering leather exports within a month. 

The numbers – assessed by the Department of Intelligence of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) – show that October saw an increase of 27.4% in value of exports in comparison to the same month last year, which means that the accumulated value from January to October increased 19% when compared with 2012.

Despite the positive numbers, the Executive President of CICB, José Fernando Bello, raises an important question: with the Brazilian exclusion in the European Union Generalised Scheme of Preferences (SGP), planned for January 2014, Brazilian leather may very well see its competitiveness in the international market compromised.

“Brazilian exclusion in the European Union Generalised Scheme of Preferences (SGP) is a great concern. It implies an increase of 3.5% in rates for the European market, which accounts for 36% of Brazilian international sales of hides and skins”, emphasises Bello.

Regarding October exports, data assessed by CICB shows that there has been a growth of 5.9% in comparison to September of 2012. From January to October, there is a total value of exports of US$ 2.053 billion, maintaining 1% of Brazil’s total exports.

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