Toxic fumes leave Indian tannery workers in hospital

Published:  10 December, 2013

Three labourers have been taken to hospital after inhaling toxic gas at a tannery in the Jajmao area close to Kanpur. The incident happened on December 9 in the Humera tannery when the lid of a tank containing raw materials (most likely chemicals) for making leather was opened and the three labourers working in close proximity to that area inhaled the poisonous gas and fell unconscious.

The three workers named as Triloki aged 35, Vikram, 32 and Amarnath, 41 were rushed to a hospital where condition of one of them is stated to be critical, police said.

It is not the first time that the tannery has made the headlines in recent times. The same tannery caught fire in May 2012 following an electrical fault with some equipment.

It is believed that the tannery processes cow and buffalo hides for the shoe upper segment.

Source: Business Standard

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