Webinar: Ecotan - A tanners’ viewpoint

Published:  05 July, 2021

As demand for sustainable leather shows no sign of slowing down, Italy based tannins producer Silvateam has developed a tanning system, known as Ecotan, to help both tanneries and brands answer the call for eco-friendly products. In this free-to-attend webinar leading Turkish tanner Mehmet Sepici will outline how the Ecotan concept works from a tanners’ perspective. Click here to register. 

During his presentation titled: “Ecotan – from the tanners’ point of view”, Mehmet Sepici, CEO of Sepici Tanneries based in Turkey will provide some background about the company and explain why they decided to partner with Silvateam and use the Ecotan tanning system in their processes. The webinar is titled: “Ecotan: Shift to Bio-circular” and features three leading leather industry presenters.  

About Mehmet Sepici

Mehmet Sepici graduated from the National Leatherseller’s Centre - Nene College Northampton, UK in 1988 (now known as the Creative Institute of Leather Technologies). He has worked for his family-owned tannery business for more than 30 years taking on different roles and responsibilities and has been CEO of the company for the past 15 years. As an expert in the field of vegetable tanned leather and sole leather, Mehmet is interested in sustainable leathermaking technologies that reduce water consumption and the environmental impact of tanning chemicals.

The webinar features three short PowerPoint presentations outlining the Ecotan concept, the technology behind it and from a tanners’ perspective. The presentations are followed by a live Q&A moderated by ILM Content Director, Martin Ricker. Attendees are also invited to ask questions to the presenter panel. Click here to see the full presenter programme. 

Mehmet Sepici

Who should watch this webinar?

The “Ecotan – Shift to Bio-circular” webinar is aimed at anyone connected with the global leather supply chain. It is particularly pertinent for any leather using brands, retailers and OEMs looking to source sustainable leather. The webinar is also interesting for all tanners and finishers.

How can I register to attend?

The webinar will be broadcast on Thursday, July 8 at 2pm CET (1pm BST). The webinar will last approximately 45-60 minutes.

Click here to register (registrations subject to approval).