CLE recommends reinstatement of leather import duty exemption

Published:  26 August, 2021

During a meeting between various export promotion councils and government officials in Mumbai, India Council for Leather Exports (CLE) Chairman Sanjay Leekha recommended that the import duty exemption for leather should be reinstated.

The exemption would cover wet-blue, crust and finished leathers, and Leekha also recommended the extension of a production linked incentive scheme for the sector, 24/7 customs clearances and financial support for logistics.

He also said that the industry is currently facing significant liquidity problems, and an extension of interest equalisation on rupee export credit for the next five years would be of great benefit.

The meeting follows the announcement of a $400 billion export target for the current financial year for India made products that has been set by the commerce ministry.

Source: The Free Press Journal