British Fashion Council launches circular fashion report

United Kingdom
Published:  23 September, 2021

The British Fashion Council’s Institute of Positive Fashion has launched the Circular Fashion Ecosystem Report, which aims to address the industry’s environmental impact and offer solutions for stakeholders to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The report presents the fashion industry with the following three targets, alongside 10 priority actions and 30 recommendations:

  • Reduced volume of new physical clothing
  • Maximised utilisation and revaluation through product circularity
  • Optimised sorting methods and materials recovery.

The priority actions are categorised over the following areas of the “fashion value chain”:

  • Circular design
  • Consumer empowerment
  • Circular and sharing business models
  • Demand for circular and sustainable fibres
  • Post-use ecosystem
  • Sortation and recycling
  • Enhanced identification and tracking
  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Policy and regulation
  • Infrastructure investment.