Podcast: A post-Covid industry

Published:  25 October, 2021
Credit: Amr Taha

In the latest episode of View from the Top, Deputy Editor Tom Hogarth reviews three articles on a post-Covid leather industry. The free-to-download and listen to episode is live now, and also available on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Podcasts.

The industry is changing and, in this podcast episode, we look at three comment articles from the ILM team on how leather can thrive post-Covid. We examine returning to international work, how leather fits into the future fashion and whether our industry is in the midst of a renaissance.

The articles are: Is it time to get back on a plane for work?, Is leather being left behind by the fashion industry? and A new era for leather. All available here on the ILM website.

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Each episode of ILM’s podcast series is designed to appeal to all parts of the leather supply chain, including tanners, traders, suppliers, academia and research organisations, OEMs, brands, and retailers.

In recent episodes, we’ve spoken to Stephen Sothmann and Tim Lewis of Real Leather. Stay Different. to discuss marketing leather to the consumer, as well as revisited some articles from ILM columnist Dr Mike Redwood on the topic of leather versus plastic.