Megatrend Mobility: outdoor activity to improve health

Published:  22 March, 2022

People around the world are increasingly becoming aware of the need to keep active and spend time outdoors to enjoy a long and healthy life. Thus, the demand for comfortable, breathable but waterproof leather footwear is growing in importance. Obviously, this leather type is also indispensable for the military.  

Waterproof leather has notoriously not been the easiest leather to make. Now with the new LEVOTAN® PS from TFL, we make the tanner’s life much easier with a new special high-performance waterproofing polymer that contains a new functionalised silicone as a stand-alone “one-shot” easy-to-apply product.

Due to the excellent stability of LEVOTAN® PS, it does not need the addition of unnecessary dispersing auxiliaries and yet results in superb level dyeing and is stable to application in hard water too. LEVOTAN® PS is used to produce medium to firm, full, tight grain waterproof leather that meets not only static requirements like wicking but also the highest dynamic Maeser and/or Bally penetrometer standards.

LEVOTAN® PS lubricates well the leather fibres, leading to good tear strength. Thanks to the good buffability and non-highlighting of defects, this makes LEVOTAN® PS also eminently suitable to produce high-quality nubuck leather types where high light and heat yellowing resistance are also really valued.

This is an advertorial article provided by TFL.