Leather exports up in value

Published:  29 September, 2022
Credit: Ayrus Hill

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), between July and August 2022, overall leather and leather products exports were up against the same period from the previous fiscal year. 

Over the same period, tanned leather exports generated US$31.0 million, which was an increase of 8.52% and 13.14% in value and volume, respectively, on a comparable basis to the first two months of the fiscal year 2021-22. 

From July to August 2022, Pakistan shipped overall 4.12 million pairs of shoes, generating US$32.4 million, up by 56.66% in volume and 20.91% in value, on a comparable basis to the same months of the prior fiscal year. 

Leather footwear exports represented roughly 84.4% of the total value exported. During these months, the country shipped 1.86 million pairs of leather footwear, worth US$28.0 million. These figures show a growth of 40.12% in volume and 22.53% in value, as compared with the same months of the prior fiscal year. Over this period, canvas and other footwear segments also reported increases in both volume and value. 

Source: World Footwear