ASEAN leather goods designers meet in Bangkok

Published:  21 October, 2022

APLF Ltd, organisers of the APLF ASEAN event, invited 10 South East Asian handbag designers to display their iconic art pieces and share their design concepts using leather as the main material.

The panels proved popular among younger visitors and aspiring designers at the fair, which took place from October 19-21 at the QSNCC in Bangkok. The chosen designers were from varying backgrounds, but they all use leather as an inspiration to create alluring fashion goods.

  • The featured designers are:
  • Anne Natalia (Jetalla’aneiu)
  • Javamond Pavoradom (S’uvimol)
  • Jiratot Tiranut (Bangkok Bootery)
  • Kawalee Wu (La Mitra)
  • Nannaphat Sirasitsiri (Marroque)
  • Nichapa Jitsangboon (Mynte)
  • Nont Pongpairoj & Nuttida Kedjarun (dash.)
  • Pipatchara Kaeojinda (Pipatchara)
  • Tommy Ambiyo (Byo)
  • Vilaiporn Sirinapapant (Vera).