Mixed progress for tannery relocation to Savar

Published:  22 December, 2014

The overall process of relocating 155 tanneries from Hazaribagh, where many are polluting the local environment, to Savar, is moving ahead. At long last, the 11-year gridlock on the crucial agenda shows a sign of breaking reports the Bangladesh Daily Star. 

Ongoing construction has been seen at the relocation site. Clearly, there is a need to fast-track overall project implementation as the deadline of completion by June, 2015 is looming fast.

Of the 155 factories listed for transfer to Savar, 141 are under construction, of which only 33 are making any satisfactory progress. Local reports say that 50% of the work to set up the Central Effluent Treatment Plant has been completed. Various reports from the region say between 11-20 tanneries have not yet started to relocate.

The Savar Tannery Estate has summoned owners of 11 tanneries to appear at its office on December 20 to ask why they have failed to start relocation work in Savar from the city's Hazaribagh. "We will hear them but if we find any willful excuse behind failure of relocation, their allotment will be cancelled," Project Director of the Savar Tannery Estate Sirajul Haider told The Financial Express on December 18.

According to the Estate officials, 152 tanneries got their layout plan approved to date and of these, 11 have not yet started work despite getting plots and plans approved.