Bergi outline benefits of its latest tannery machines

Published:  16 April, 2015

Mauro Bergozza, CEO of Italian tannery machinery makers, Bergi has outlined details of three of the company's tannery machinery in an exclusive video interview with ILM. The company has updated its throughfeed ironing and embossing machine - Starlux, its in-line buffing machine - Selecta 1.8 and introduced a prototype stone polishing machine - Kurta Stone. 

The three machines formed part of Bergi's showcase at the last Simac Tanning-Tech show, which took place in Milan at the end of February. The fair is seen as the key industry event for new tannery machinery launches for the tanning industry.

Click on the video below to listen to Mauro Bergozza explain the technical benefits of each of the machines and introduce the new Kurta Stone polishing machine. 

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