LWG rated tanners provide 99% of leather to Timberland

United States
Published:  27 April, 2015

Timberland incorporated Renewable, Organic, or Recycled (ROR) materials into 79% of its footwear in 2014, up from 70% in 2013, according to the company’s 2014 Corporate Sustainability Report, which was released on April 22.

The brand’s leading recycled material, found in over 14 million pairs, is recycled polyester (PET) found in plastic bottles. Timberland also continued to increase its use of recycled rubber in footwear. In 2014, the brand produced 6.9 million pairs of footwear made with outsoles containing up to 42% recycled rubber, bringing the total to 19.9 million pairs through 2014 (up from 13 million pairs through 2013).

Timberland ended 2014 with over 99% of footwear leather volume being sourced from tanneries that achieved a Gold or Silver rating by the Leather Working Group (LWG). The LWG is an independent group of tanneries and footwear brands that has established a protocol to assess the environmental performance of tanneries, and to promote sustainable and appropriate environmental practices within the leather tanning industry.

Timberland continues its commitment to having PVC-free products. In 2014, only 1.8% of total pairs of footwear shipped contained PVC, compared with 8.9% in 2013. The brand has been challenged to reach its goal of being 100% PVC-free due to the lack of alternative solutions that meet the stringent performance needs in its Timberland PRO line of industrial boots. The brand continues to actively seek material substitutions in pursuit of this goal.