Cromogenia highlight new products at Barcelona meeting

Published:  04 August, 2015

The Spanish based chemical producer presented its latest range of chemicals during its annual technical meeting, held in Barcelona July 21 - 22. 

Around 45 technicians and Cromogenia technical staff from around the world met in Barcelona to discuss the latest products developed by the company. The meeting was focused on the new generation of chemicals developed to lower environmental impact and processes during leather production, including free phenol and free formaldehyde syntans.

Cromogenia’s new ecological beamhouse solutions, including its new sulphide-free process, were presented during the two-day event. Technical staff was provided with details of the new syntans, which provide excellent fullness, as well as a new fatliquor designed specifically for upholstery leathers.

The company announced last year that it had expanded its production of formaldehyde-free syntans by doubling the capacity of the manufacturing facilities near Barcelona. The €1.2 million investment allows Cromogenia to sell the syntans, particularly suitable for wet-white articles including car upholstery, worldwide.

International technicians and Cromogenia's technical staff at the meeting held in Barcelona