Nike to set up new plant in Indonesia

Published:  10 August, 2015

Adis Dimension Footwear is to build a new plant to serve the global footwear and sportswear manufacturer, Nike in Majalengka (West Java) to cater for the global market.

Harijanto, Chairman of Adis Dimension Footwear, the local Indonesian unit of Nike Inc, has announced the opening of a US$60 million factory to cater for a growing international market. The construction is underway and human resources recruitment is already taking place.

The new manufacturing plant will have a production capacity of 10 million pairs of the Nike brand a year.

Adis Dimension Footwear owns a factory in Tangerang (Banten, Java), which employs around 8,500 local people and currently produces 20 million pairs a year for the export market, already up from the 12 million pairs produced in the previous year. About half of the raw materials for the current factory are domestically-sourced.

Source: FDRA