Cayman through-feed fleshing

Published:  04 November, 2013

Italian machinery maker, New 3P unveiled a new and completely innovative design of its new through-feed fleshing machine called ‘Cayman’ at Tanning Tech which took place October 8-10 in Bologna this year. The new machine allows the continuous fleshing of the hides at higher speeds and with greater power.

The Cayman can reach throughput speeds of 80m/minute which allows tanners to flesh up to 500-600 hides per hour.

The machine can be equipped with a rubber insert which is fully adjustable and independent to allow a perfect presentation of the hide or skin to the blade cylinder during fleshing.

Cayman fleshing machine from New 3P

The Cayman can also be supplied with an overhead conveyor system in order to feed the operators in a continuous and efficient way.