Brazilian video promotes leather as sustainable material

Published:  10 October, 2016

The Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) has developed a short promotional video which puts forward that, as a recycling industry, the leather sector pollutes far less than the manufacturing of a pair of jeans or synthetic materials.

Showing some of the most important values for the Brazilian leather chain, such as quality, sustainability and design, the new video highlights how the country’s tanneries have progressed in respecting not only the environment but also the welfare of its workers.

The video seeks to demonstrate that, while around 537 litres of water are necessary to produce a pair of jeans, just over half of this volume is necessary for a piece of leather clothing. An emphasis is also made on protecting “leather” as a label through the country’s Leather Law (Lei do Couro), which guarantees that only products made from animal hides can be called as such.

Throughout the video, the CICB also seeks to outline the importance of its CSCB certificate, The Brazilian Leather Sustainability Certification, established in 2014.