São Paulo to open its first caiman slaughterhouse

Published:  09 January, 2017

The slaughterhouse will be the first one in the Brazilian state to be specialised in the breeding and slaughter of caimans.

Responding to an increasing market demand for caiman meat and leather, the state of São Paulo, in Brazil, is to certify its first slaughterhouse specialised in caimans.

Located in the town of Porto Feliz, the Abatadouro de Pescado Aruman has received a final inspection by the state’s Secretary of Agriculture, which has given a favourable opinion to the opening of the slaughterhouse.

“We will start by selling meat to selected butcher houses because our production is still low, but we will grow with time. Our current focus is to develop partnership with breeders to gain in production volume”, said Ari Palomo del Alamo, one of the owners.

Source: Canal Rural