How can biochemicals replace traditional chemicals in the beamhouse?

Published:  06 October, 2017

Roughly 70% of all contamination charges in the wastewater within the traditional leather production processes comes from the beamhouse? Leather chemical maker Stahl say that by using Proviera - Probiotics for Leather, this can be significantly reduced. 

Proviera leather biochemicals are metabolites derived from a controlled fermentation using probiotic cultures and natural raw ingredients. This 100% natural quality brings many benefits. As all products in the range are 100% biodegradable, not only the amount of effluent pollution is reduced, but also chemical usage, waste and time can be effectively decreased. The Proviera - Probiotics for Leather range of products represents a significant improvement in the overall environmental footprint of the leather-making process.

For more in-depth information read Stahl’s technical article on Proviera - Probiotics for Leather.