Lower attendance at Première Vision

Published:  01 October, 2018
Photo credit: Taneka

The organisers of the Paris based trade show aimed at the fashion sector reported a total of 55,497 visitors from 124 countries during the last edition of the event, which took place September 19-21, down -8.3% compared with the same edition in 2017.

According to the organisers, the attendance was at the same level as that of September 2016, but down -8.3% versus September 2017, which had experienced ‘exceptional growth’ in terms of visitor attendance. “The overlap of Yom Kippur with Première Vision Paris, due to which the dates of the show had been shifted to run from Wednesday to Friday, particularly impacted attendance”, said the organisers. In terms of country of origin, France lead the ranking with 15,160 visitors, followed by Italy (5,962), the UK (4,118), China (3,101) and Spain (3,021). A decline in visitors from North America and Turkey was recorded, totalling 2,269 and 2,528 visitors, respectively.