GST AutoLeather CEO to present Memorial Lecture at ALCA conference

United States
Published:  03 February, 2020

Randy Johnson, President and CEO of GST Autoleather, will present the 61st John Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecture on the occasion of the Annual Convention Annual Convention of the American Leather Chemists Association (ALCA).

The forthcoming ALCA Annual Convention is to be held September 16 – 19 at Eaglewood Resort and Spa in Chicago, U.S. state of Illinois. Responsible for driving GST Autoleather’s global strategy for the company’s operations, financial performance and revenue growth, Randy Johnson has been selected by the Association to receive the 61st John Arthur Wilson Memorial Lecture award.

The official opening of the convention will begin with registration on September 16, from 5pm to 7pm, along with a cocktail reception. Mike Bley, President, ALCA will open the Technical Programme on the following day, September 17, which will seek to offer a range of leather technologies from tanning and finishing to environmental issues. For further information, please click here.