Nine gold LWG audits at JBS Couros

Published:  25 June, 2014

In May, nine JBS Couros units were audited against the latest Leather Working Group protocol, version 5.2.3. All the leather making units, which went through the auditing process last month, without exception, received a gold medal for their environmental performance. 

With these results, JBS Couros has achieved a total of 15 LWG certified units, 12 of which have attained the gold status and three silver. Gold is the highest award of the LWG Protocol.

The company stated that these certifications are a recognition of the continuous improvement approach taken by JBS focused on the mitigation of environmental impacts allied to productivity gains in the company.

JBS Couros Porangatu audit team

The company also noted that all the LWG certifications received by JBS Couros were awarded grade A for traceability, demonstrating its strong commitment to renewable sources and the control of raw materials used in its processes. 

JBS Couros Gurupi audit team