IULTCS grant for Young Leather Scientists

Published:  17 July, 2014

In keeping with its founding purpose – to encourage technology, chemistry, and science of leather - the Executive Committee of the IULTCS has announced the funding of a leather research grant. The grant will be awarded to a suitable candidate under the age of 30, and for a leather research project to be conducted at a recognised institution in 2015. 

The award will be administered by the International Union Research Commission (IUR), currently led by Dr Luis Zugno. The monetary value of the award will be €1,000 and will be paid as single sum to the young leather scientist who submits the winning project proposal. The research area can be on a wide variety of leather related topics, but the work should be completed in 2015 and a final report is to be submitted to the IUR early the following year. Details of eligibility requirements, application procedure, and necessary documentation are available on the IULTCS website (www.iultcs.org) under the Research-IUR link. Potential applicants need to pay special attention to the submission deadline of August 31, 2014.

The IULTCS requests that readers of this announcement forward the information to those institutions and individuals who could benefit from the award.