Cromogenia outline two major investments

Published:  17 July, 2014

Spain based leather chemical maker, Cromogenia has announced two major new investments in Spain and Brazil. The investments include an expansion of syntan capacity and the opening of a new application laboratory.

Spain based leather chemicals maker, Cromogenia are expanding its production of free formol syntans by doubling capacity at its manufacturing facilities near Barcelona. The expansion of the production of the 4-4’dihidroxydiphenilsulhpone molecule for wet-white syntans will lift its capacity to 25,000 tons per year and will make Cromogenia one of Europe’s largest syntan producers.

The €1.2 million investment will allow Cromogenia to sell the syntans worldwide which are particularly suitable for wet-white articles including car upholstery.

New laboratory in Brazil

New application lab in Brazil

On July 24 Cromogenia are also officially opening a new application laboratory in Brazil for wet-end and finishing applications. They will be inviting key customers to visit its offices, warehouse and application laboratory in Novo Hamburgo, RS.  

The new laboratory includes all machinery for wet-end and finishing as well as after sales service for leather making customers. The new site will also be used for training technicians following training at the local leather school.

Cromogenia's plant in Barcelona