Tanners continue to reduce industry show and event attendance in 2020

Published:  20 August, 2020
Credit: Asiatan

In mid-July 2020, ILM invited tanners from across the world to take part in its annual Business Confidence Survey to evaluate the current business climate and trading conditions, and to gain valuable insights into the key issues tanners are facing. The full results have now been published on the ILM website and they underline caution being taken by tanners to attend any live industry trade shows and events for the remainder of 2020. 

The 2020 survey carried out by ILM has revealed that, while some trade shows such as the APLF in Hong Kong, which was due to take place at the end of March (then June), and the ACLE, which was scheduled for the start of September, have been cancelled due to the pandemic, it appears that only a small minority of tanners have plans to attend other trade shows, which are still set to go ahead, accounting for 16% of respondents, what could put the viability of many key industry events which are still scheduled to go ahead in the second half of 2020 into doubt, or at the very least, attendance figures are likely to be significantly affected.

In this year’s tanners’ survey, the tanners have stated Lineapelle or Lineapelle/Simac Tanning Tech as the most important trade show for them to attend, with 59% (49% in 2019) edging ahead of APLF at 57% (59% in 2019), which has traditionally held the number one spot. ACLE, too, though slightly less important, is among the key industry trade show destinations. In addition, tanners still appear to be visiting regional exhibitions, too, such as the India International Leather Fair (IILF).

To see the full survey results and analysis click here. The full results are available to view online via an ILM subscription. To find out more about how to subscribe to ILM, click here or email Emma Bonell customerservices@edifydigitalmedia.com  for more information about how to access the survey results. Advertisers of ILM also have complimentary access to the results. If you have a subscription and need a reminder of your login details, please contact us.

The expanded ILM Tanner Business Confidence survey is now in its seventh year and is the only truly global and neutral annual survey of the tanning sector. ILM is most grateful to those tanners who responded and a copy of the survey results will be sent to those that took part via the September/October print/digital edition of ILM magazine. The 2020 survey received a record number of tanner responses.