BASF leather expert to address AAQTIC meeting

Published:  13 August, 2014

The Argentine Leather Chemists and Technicians Association (AAQTIC) are hosting a meeting for leather industry professionals on Tuesday, August 19 at the associations headquarters in Buenos Aires. The theme of the meeting will be leathers environmental footprint and sustainability.

Dr Brigitte Wegner of BASF will deliver a presentation to AAQTIC (La Asociación Argentina de los Quimicos y Técnicos de la Industria del Cuero) members at the meeting and the title of her presentation is: "Concepts for the sustainable production of leather". The meeting will take place between 3-8pm and food will be provided by Gafor Distribuidora, BASF's agents in Argentina for leather.

Entrance to the meeting is free. Email or visit for more details.