New tanning technologies and future mega trends for the leather industry

Published:  18 January, 2021
Hans Van Haarst

Hans van Haarst, CEO of Dutch chemical company Smit & Zoon, joins ILM Editor Isabella Griffiths on the latest episode of the podcast series “View from the top”, which is available to download and listen to for free here, as well as via Apple Podcast, Spotify and Deezer.

In this episode, van Haarst, shares insights into Smit & Zoon’s new tanning concept Zeology, describing it as a “new standard in leather tanning” as it is chrome, heavy metal and aldehyde-free. He also gives an overview of how the system has been received in the industry so far since its launch last autumn, as well as plans for a further roll-out and upcoming developments.

Van Haarst also reflects on the future of the leather industry post-pandemic and the structural and systemic changes that are here to stay. Moreover, he also gives his opinion on what he sees as the major megatrends in the industry and how these will shape the sector going forward.