Gemata extend production facilities

Published:  26 August, 2014

For Italian tannery machinery maker Gemata, 2013 was record year in terms of sales. The company specialises in leather finishing lines and is currently in the process of extending its production facilities of 4000 sq m with an additional 800 sq m of space. This will also include additional office space distributed over two floors. 

Gemata attribute its recent sales growth to the development of innovative rollercoating machines, Megastar and Topstar, which provide tanners with water, energy and chemical product savings.

Gemata has also worked with tanners from the Tuscany region of Italy to develop its Topstar and Topstar-S (synchro) rollercoating machines. These have been developed with tanners to provide the best finishing characteristics for high-end fashion leathers famous from the region around the Santa Croce tanning district.

This year they will be exhibiting at the All China Leather Exhibition in Shanghai, September 3-5 where you can find out more about its range of leather finishing machinery lines.

Hall E3, stand B20A/IT.