Leather product imports could be included in Russian sanctions

Published:  29 August, 2014

According to TheSauerReport.com and Russian media reports, the country is intending to impose an import ban of a number of products including leather items such as footwear as part of the ongoing political sanctions. The Russian authorities have also announced that the pre-sanction export ban on wet-blue will come into force this Autumn.

In the - sanctions war - between Russia and a number of Western countries over the Ukraine crisis, Russia plans to impose an import ban on a number of light industry goods which include footwear and clothing from countries outside the Eurasian Customs Union, as the Russian daily Kommersant reports. The ban should become effective on September 1. 
This could have serious consequences for the leather product industry in a number of countries. Especially  Italy, Spain and Turkey, all countries which export large quantities of leather products to Russia.
The other way around Russia announced that its earlier planned ban on exports of raw and wet-blue hides will become effective on October 1. This is not Ukraine connected and already discussed before the political crisis.