Tannequip Global for all your tannery consumables

United Kingdom
Published:  30 August, 2014

Tannequip Global Limited are based in the United Kingdom. It supplies a wide range of consumables for the tannery, including chemicals, used machinery and spares, buffing paper, knives, felt sleeves etc.

To compliment its portfolio of products Tannequip has recently been appointed by UCL Company (Pty) Ltd as it's exclusive agent in the United Kingdom for the supply of its Mimosa product range. UCL is based in South Africa and manufacturers high quality Mimosa Wattle Bark Extract for supply to the leather industry. UCL has successfully been selling its Mimosa product range to tanneries on a global basis since 1952.          

Tannequip’s focus is always on reducing costs for its customers wherever possible through a global network of business partners, suppliers & manufacturers. This enables the company to obtain competitive pricing.

To find out more please visit the website at www.tannequip.com