TFL blend art and leather

Published:  11 September, 2014

Leather chemical specialists, TFL invited key customers and guests to two post-show evening events on September 10 & 11 at its facility in Buscate on the outskirts of Milan. The event was used to highlight the company's use of chemicals to produce modern and technical fashion leather articles.

Several displays featuring highly fashionable and technical leathers were blended with artworks to show customers TFL's design flair using its full range of wet-end and finishing chemicals. TFL took the opportunity to invite customers who were also attending the nearby Lineapelle exhibition in Milan.

Titled: "TFL Leather Art & Technology" around 140 guests attended the first evening where people were able to network and share ideas with food and drinks provided by TFL. 

Eugen Katzenstein, President, TFL with Mauro Magnaguagno, Director, TFL Academy Italy