In this episode, ILM Editor Isabella Griffiths talks with Nick Winters, Managing Director of French hide, leather and animal by-product specialist Nick Winters Group. He is Head of Hide Sales at Bigard Group, one of the largest meat processors in Europe and Vice President of the French Hides and Skins Association (SGCP).

A native New Zealander, Winters not only shares insights into his career, but also gives an overview of both the Nick Winters Group and the Bigard Group, which acquired the company last year, as well as details of Bigard Group’s recent takeover of Fiscuir & C.E.T. and the synergies this brings to the company. Furthermore, Nick Winters delves into his extensive experience as former President of the International Council of Hides, Skins and Leather Traders’ Association (ICHSLTA) and the French Le Syndicat General des Cuirs et Peaux to share his views on current trading conditions for the global raw materials and leather trade, his outlook on the sector’s recovery process post-Covid-19 and his thoughts on competition from non-leather materials. Finally he outlines his opinions on genuine leather’s future post pandemic.