The construction of the COMPAS complex (Manufacturing Cooperation Plant of Aguascalientes) started in the beginning of September and the plant will assemble 230,000 compact models of the Infiniti model.

During the first phase, the COMPAS will rely on the existing network of 300 suppliers but plans to source raw materials directly as well as Tier 1 later.

Local authorities say the new plant should act as a magnet to attract suppliers who are willing establish their manufacturing plants in the region, creating around 12,000 jobs.

“Daimler and Nissan both have suppliers who are not present in Mexico; Tiers 1 supplying the assembly plants for the Infiniti and Mercedes Benz models, but which could come to Mexico in the medium-run”, said José Muñoz, Chairman of Nissan North America.

The Confederation of American Mexican Chambers of Industry will be organising a supply trade fair to help Nissan Daimler source materials and services.

The COMPAS will be the second plant producing Nissan Infiniti models outside Japan and also the second manufacturing plant for Mercedes Benz models outside Germany.

The first Nissan cars are to be produced in 2017 and the first Mercedes Benz models should come out of the factory as from 2018. It is expected that 75% of the production will be exported to the United States.

Source: Manufactura