Sarugan W 9222: An aqueous, aliphatic polyurethane dispersion, especially designed to use in aqueous topcoats of different leather finishes. It performs on finishes with a high gloss to provide good filling and levelling properties. It also provides good wet rub and flexometer values.

Saracryl 5085: A fine particle size, soft acrylic polymer impregnation binder for corrected grain and split leathers. Good filling properties give optimum grain tightening with a very smooth and uniform surface.

Sarwax 8160: A special modified, aqueous wax emulsion for “burnishing effects”, which provides darkness after burnishing and hot plating to leave a pleasant handle.


Sarwax 8181: A special modified, aqueous wax emulsion for “burnishing effects”. It provides darkness with a pleasant handle, high gloss and is recommended to use with pigment.

Sarcurol OL: A very highly concentrated fatliquor. Suitable for fatliquoring light, fluffy clothing and soft leathers. It gives the final leather an outstanding softness, dyeability and levelness. It also provides good lightfastness and a silky touch.

Sarcurol OT: A highly concentrated fish oil that provides the leather with excellent softness, a smooth flat grain, very good dyeability and levelness, and good light fastness.

Sarcurol KW: A synthetic fatliquor which provides good softness, especially if retanned with synthetic vegetable tanning agents. Leather is full, round, has a slightly waxy handle and excellent dyeability.

Sarcurol SL: A synthetic fatliquor designed for soft articles and white leathers. It renders the leather with good uniform softness, a full round handle, good dyeability, levelness, tightness and gives a good milling effect.

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