What about the dead stock? Most tanneries have that area where the leather outsorts, wrong colours, rejects for looseness etc sit and gather dust. Often they are covered with big dust sheets or packed away – out of sight out of mind. These will be on the books at some value, really hard to move but getting rid of them turns dead stock into cash (however little). Sitting on the factory floor gathering dust is both a waste of space and money.

What about the dead machinery? Once again many tanneries have a place where all the old machines go to die – often “out the back”. The area may well have items such as drums, old machinery, those motors that might come in handy one day etc etc. It is almost certain that they won’t. So why not find a scrap dealer to take them away. A small amount of money may be made but the general idea is to get rid and get the site looking smarter.

Last but not least – the dusty old chemicals. All tanneries have that area at the back of the chemical store with the chemicals that are now redundant. Chemicals purchased for that product that never quite made it, small quantities of speciality chemicals that never did quite fit the bill and materials that were replaced in due course and will never be used again. Maybe (with a bit of effort) some these can be worked into the processes once again to reduce stock; maybe it will cost money to legally dispose of but once done the chemical store will contain just the materials you need for everyday production.

Take that walk around the tannery and see what’s there.

The toggler

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