The leather in the BMW i3 features the wet-green OBE tanning agent developed and patented by German, company Wet-green Natural Leather Solutions and is a plant-based concentrate produced from an aqueous olive leaf extract. The active tanning agents are the same ones present in some natural cosmetic articles and in extra virgin olive oil.

The wet-green OBE tanning agent is also free of metals and any chemically synthetic reactive tanning agents and is produced by a select number of German tanners including Heller-Leder, Hewa-Leder, Leder Reinhardt and Sohre Leder.

During the ceremony in Stuttgart the most important role was how the interior of the i3 was designed but also by the materials that were used in its making. Looking for a complete eco-friendly approach, BMW wanted to use components that did not harm the environment.

Therefore, renewable raw and recycled materials were used as well as wood and leather surfaces, treated using only environmentally sound methods such as wet-green. The colour palette was also designed to give a soothing and relaxed feel to the cabin.

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