Global pigment range

To meet the increasing development of global brands and, consequently, the demand for REACh compliancy and the major Restricted Substances Lists representative of global brands, Stahl now offer a complete range of pigments, which meet these requirements. The four water-based pigment ranges cover the following application areas:

  • PP-39-100: automotive pigments
  • PP-20-100: transparent pigments
  • PP-25-800: shoe and leather goods pigments
  • PP-19-200: upholstery pigments

Water-based patent

In their constant quest for more friendly products, Stahl have developed a range for water-based patent leather technology. The range of chemicals is free of NMP, NEP and tetraglym; anticipating the possible ban of the latter substance. It offers high gloss and transparency, excellent physical performance and touch.

Water-resistant lifestyle leathers

After the successful launch of their global product line of Lifestyle leathers in 2012, Stahl have added three more products to this line:

AS-33-207: a highly refined conditioning oil for water-resistant leather. It has excellent Maeser flex results, extremely low water absorption (both dynamic and static) and outstanding wicking. Application of the oil will improve the Maeser flexes in most cases. The surface gives a slightly oily to silky touch.

AS-33-261: a high quality wax-oil blend for all types of waterproof pull-up leathers. It maintains its Maeser flex results with low water absorption. The effect is a medium to dark, clean pull-up with a soft, silicone touch.

AS-33-280: a high quality, general purpose lanoline based wax blend for all types of non-waterproof pull-up leathers. It is RSL-compliant and has extremely low APEO levels (non-detectable in leather). The appearance is a medium, clean pull-up with a smooth and slightly oily feel.