Dr Toni Polato is an experienced and well-known figure in the global tannery machinery sector and Cartigliano’s equipment can be found worldwide in all the leading tanneries and finishing plants. In this exclusive “View from the Top”, podcast interview with ILM’s Isabella Griffiths and Martin Ricker, he shares his many years’ experience in perfecting the best results for leather drying. Polato talks about the company’s new radiofrequency drying equipment for crust and finished leathers as well as explaining what is going on inside the structure of the leather during the drying process. Toni Polato is joined on the podcast by Vera Vangelista, Chief Commercial Officer, where she outlines Cartigliano’s drive to making their equipment more sustainable by reducing energy and water consumption as well as their reconditioning of older equipment produced by the company. 

During the podcast, Dr Polato also outlines two new vacuum driers that the company has launched in 2021 and explores the future potential for low temperature drying of leather and the drying of tannery sludges to reduce landfill waste for tanners. 

Finally, he discusses what it has been like for Cartigliano during the pandemic and paints a more optimistic outlook for the leather sector to improve throughout 2021 and beyond.  

About Antonio Polato

Born in Italy in 1948, Toni Polato joined Officine di Cartigliano in 1970 as a warehouse employee. Once he graduated in Political Science in 1973, he held a commercial and sales role in the company. With Toni and his team, the company looked to modernise leather drying and in 1979 he was appointed Managing Director and in 1985 to Chief Executive Officer, a position he holds today. To “do business”, he places the customer at the centre of everything and has a curiosity towards what is “new” in terms of research and innovation by keeping Cartigliano at the forefront of the latest drying technologies.

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