The 28-minute discussion provides listeners with a better understanding of the role that mimosa extracts play in leathermaking.

Nigel Payne, who is based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa is a leading expert of vegetable tannages for leathermaking and their production processes. He has a BSc in Forest Science from Stellenbosch University in South Africa and began his career in the vegetable extract business in 1980 as Managing Director of The Wattle Company. He has been in his current role since August 2015.

During the podcast Payne tells listeners about the history and the background of the company and deciphers some of the terminology around the terms wattle or mimosa extracts and how the vegetable tannins are produced today in a fully sustainable and circular way. The discussion concludes with some of NTE’s upcoming developments which they have in the pipeline and his take on the current market situation for the global tanning industry.

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