Figures released by the AHDB, the British Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, beef and lamb division, show that Poland accounted for around 20% (8,320t) of the total beef shipped from the EU to outside markets in the first-quarter of 2016.

However, according to AHDB, the EU remains a small player on the global beef market, with 41,600t of the beef produced in the EU being exported in the period.

Germany held second place as a beef exporter in Q1 2016, representing 18% share of the market, followed by Spain and the Netherlands; both holding 10% of the export market in the first quarter.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Israel are the main destinations for EU beef, accounting for 50% of the total shipment.

The report also states that, following the opening of the Chinese market to Irish beef, total EU beef exports to China have more than doubled during the first three months of 2016, representing 510t.

Source: Agriland